We Are a team of Technical engineers devoted to getting your product to market.


We build Lean

First, we solve core problems & then iterate. In short, we define MVP as “Maximum Value Product”. Our goal is clear, we help you to get your product into the hands of your users as quickly as possible.

Why? Because your user feedback is key in maximizing the value your product delivers to them.

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WHY our Process works.

You can concentrate on what matters
We remain hyper-focused on building a shippable product fast — reducing time and cost and allowing you to focus on the more critical pieces of the puzzle; marketing and user adoption i.e. Product-Market Fit.
Validate your concept before investing
Before investing significant resources into new concepts, we provide user testing to validate (or invalidate) product-market fit. If users love the product, we ask them what else they’d love to see in it. If they don’t like it, we ask them what it needs to make them fall in love. Build what users want.
Build, Learn, Repeat
Once you know what you are building, it's all about feedback. Feedback is how we learn and the more we learn the stronger your product becomes. We keep you and your team laser-focused on getting results, learning from them, and iterating based on what you learn.

Our MVP Process

It all begins with you

Your idea is unique and new, which is why you find yourself here in the first place. We are betting you have A LOT of great ideas. So how do you know where to start? Which problem should you solve first? We can help you answer those questions.

together we Clarify the challenge

In a short Design Sprint, you will uncover the most impactful questions & generate the best possible solutions. We will work together to create an interactive prototype that looks and feels like a responsive app. Just like that your idea has evolved into something tangible.

and Test your Concept

With our working prototype, we take it to your target audience and see what works, what doesn’t, and where to go next. We get real data on your ideal clients and incorporate their feedback into the revised design.

Define the roadmap

We then build out a product roadmap based on feedback from users, our technical team, and other stakeholders. The roadmap includes feature requests, bug fixes, etc. We set up infrastructure (servers, domains, hostnames, etc.) so we can deploy a minimal version of the app as soon as possible.

Development Begins

This is where you meet your team of Engineers and begin the process of building your product. Our goal is to demo, even a very minimal version, within the first few weeks. We meet with our clients weekly to keep this feedback loop as tight as possible which allows us to track progress, share updates, and identify risks before they derail the project.

Launch your product

Our goal is to get your product in the hands of users as quickly as possible. Ideally within six to twelve weeks. If it takes any longer than that, we start looking at ways to adjust scope and work features into future releases. Your product launch is just the beginning, and our goal is to build a strong foundation for your product and product's lifecycle.

Your product lifecycle

The process of quick iterative releases that continuously makes the product better is your product's lifecycle. This is the part where we help you and your team take over. We help ensure you have all you need to ensure the continued success of your product, and we thank you for letting us be a part of helping bring your idea into the world.

That's it! Simple, right?

We are here to help

We know it isn't simple but we have spent a lot of time figuring out a system that yields results. After years of seeing products fail to get to market or being called in to rescue over-billed projects, we are highly focused on doing things differently. We are invested in your success so let us know if you want some help getting your idea out into the world.